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Don't see the job you want to apply for but would you love to work for Versmissen? You can send in an open application for the job you would like to fulfill at any time, even when we're not advertising for it.

Versmissen is a Dutch interior design company that is active worldwide. We design and develop furniture, lighting and accessories. We also collect interior pieces from all over the world. Excellent quality and a mix of international styles is our trademark. We focus on the project, catering and retail market.

Check out our website for more information, www.versmissen.nl

• are a top company in the industry that is growing rapidly.
• are a company that continuously strives for improvement and innovation.
• are a company that operates internationally and expresses itself in English.
• are a company that assumes personal responsibility and thus gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility.
• offer good earnings and fringe benefits.
• find a good working atmosphere and the possibility to organize your own working days important.
• offer spacious company housing.

Maybe you are good at speaking multiple languages next to Dutch and English and have a strong affinity with the interior business. Or you are a great seller and have knowledge of the retail and project market. It could also be you are good with several online markering tools such as: SEA, SEO, social media (ads) and E-mail marketing or creating content. You could be looking for a job in the warehouse and participate in our international trade-fairs.
We love seeing a team-player who can also work independently and works accurate and likes an orderly work environment.

Do you feel like you could become a part of our wonderful team?
Then we would love to hear from you and have a talk.
Contact Jolanda Versmissen at [email protected].
Do you already have questions? Call on 0499-399867.
Go to www.versmissen.nl to get a bigger picture of our company.

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