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Segovia Set of 2 Tables

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Product remarks

  • Clean/buff with a soft dry cloth, do not use abrasives or detergents.
  • Because of the natural stone material, color and structure can vary.
  • Variation and imperfection in the finish are part of the charm of this handfinished product.
  • If liquids (acidic and non acidic) are spilled on polished natural stone and not removed/wiped off immediatly they can have an etching effect on the polished marble, causing dull stains. These dull stains are almost impossible to repair. We advise you to remove spilled liquid's immediatly and to use coasters.
  • Due to the natural character of this specific marble type a large variation in color and structure is likely and has to be accepted.
  • Marble care instructions PDF(click here)
  • Specifications

    Product codeSTMSEGOVIASET-PB

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