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Conceptual design Architecture as inspiration
Allow the NYP's iconic forms to transport you to a higher realm.

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NYP Black Bowl
NYP White Vase

A distinctive masterpiece
With its tall legs, abstract lines and bold shapes, the NYP brings a water tower to mind. These architectural master pieces are the ultimate proof: design and function go hand in hand.

Unique in its class

Our designers were inspired by the design language of magnificent water towers when they created the NYP.
This collection includes a contemporary vase and bowl. In bold colours - Black Diamond or Off White - the NYP claims its place in any modern or eclectic interior.
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Undeniable craftsmanship

The NYP is hand made from fine grain earthenware by traditional craftsmen in Portugal. The bowl is primarily decorative and the vase is water resistant. Another golden example of style and function in harmony.

NYP Black Bowl Close-up

Abstract beauty

Admire the NYP and complete your interior with this abstract eye-catcher.

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