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Zenith & Lafayette

Zenith & Lafayette

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Sunbathe in luxury
With Radar Interior

Since the origin of Radar Interior - the French brand he is art director and founding partner of - Bastien Taillard has chosen to work with essential lines and meticulous re-visitation of shapes combined with an in-depth research of materials.

The new Lafayette lamp is a refined lamp-sculpture and a homage to the France of the Sun King an to the 19th century Paris, but also a reference to the installation performed on the facade of the Louis Vuitton store in Place Vendome.

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Radar Interior

Enlighten art
Produced in two versions, as a wall lamp, with 36 and 60 cm diameters, it is conceived as a piece of matter in evolution that offers itself up to the user's free interpretation. The spokes of the Lafayette can in fact be opened for a more eccentric appearance or kept flat for a more minimalist look.

"I wanted to create an object that could be delivered flat and that the client could make them his own by giving it his own shape. Something that was not fixed, but in continuous evolution." - Bastien Taillard.

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Calming halo

Next to the Lafayette we also offer the Zenith lamp designed by Radar Interior. Both lamps are hand made in Europe, from solid brass or aluminium. The Zenith is available in two versions, as a wall and a pendant lamp, in the colours brushed gold and aluminium.

In combination with a mirrorhead lightbulb both designs can bring an interesting light on the wall or on itself.

Radar Interior
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Catching personality

Both designs are special and fit perfectly into the catalogue of Radar Interior, which is composed by lighting solutions that are never shy but take a stand in spaces and interiors to imbue architectures with personality. Versmissen is proud to have this design in their brand.

Pieces to experience, pieces that catch the eye, whether they are lit or not.

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