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A powerful look
Perfectly balanced

Let your gaze follow the endless linear pattern and feel the power emanated by the Unity

Check out the Unity table-lamp and design object

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Unity Detail

Standing strong

The universal longing for unity and cooperation is what inspired the designers of the Unity to create a unique design object. The combination of various shapes and patterns gives the Unity its character.

In perfect harmony

The symmetrical linear pattern of its square centre is a true feast for the eyes. The centre balances on top of a pyramidical base. A harmonious entity arises, in which both shapes bring out the best in each other.
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A striking appearance

This impressive appearance is handmade, and made of earthenware finished in a warm ivory colour. The Unity has a contemporary design and is available as a design object and table-lamp. The rectangular brown lampshade gives the design a sturdy look.

Discover the power of cooperation and bring out the best with the Unity – design by Versmissen.

Unity Detail

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