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Let's explore
a new universe

We just launched a mysterious yet stylish hero. Unfortunately nobody knows what it is. Neither does anybody know where it comes from.

Let's just call it an Unidentified Non Flying Object

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Unfo Off White
Unfo Bronze

Create a new vision

The UNFO unfolds itself the moment you turn on the switch. It is characterized by an ornamental body and a contemporary shade.

The stylish UNFO lamp shines and combines in several interiors.

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An absolute stargazer from every perspective

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Unfo Lamp Combined

Bronze or off white finish
Created from earthenware and with multiple finishing options we have created a diverse and unique collection fit as a gorgeous eye-catcher.

The UNFO collection is available in a bronze or off white finish. The lighting fixtures have matching shades.

Diameter: 45cm
Height: 98cm
Cable-Chain length: 160cm
Volume: 0,358m3
Nett weight: 4,76kg

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Beyond this world

The decorative bowl is a beautiful centrepiece in any room. Completing your space with an item that is designed from our unidentified world.

Unfo Off White Bowl
Unfo Bronze

Extraordinary look
From every angle it gives an ethereal view of the finish. With remarkable shapes which gives the UNFO collection an amazing look and feel.
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