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Cone-shaped legs

Be surprised by the playful shape of the Ciro. This unique Versmissen chair evokes all kinds of warm feelings.

Is there any part of the Ciro that isn’t round? Its smooth lines give the chair an inviting look and feel, which makes it almost impossible to resist curling up in it. Its cone-shaped dark beechwood legs are highly recognizable. The distinctive outline of baseball bats gives these chairs lots of character.


Ciro Bar Chair Paco Lin
Ciro Bar Chair Paco Lin


The Ciro is available as a dining chair, both with and without armrests and as a bar chair. The upholstering can be customized entirely to your preferences. There is a wide range of designer fabrics to choose from.

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A warm welcome

With three different models and countless fabric options, the Ciro is very well suited for a modern interior. Where would this chair be best shown to advantage? In spaces with a snug atmosphere, where people come together to socialize

Go for a welcoming vibe and find out what the Ciro has to offer.

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Hit it out of the ballpark

Are you ready to hit a home run? The Ciro certainly is! The cone-shaped legs look like baseball bats and give the chair a playful appearance. Take into account the round curves of its seat, and you know you can sit back and relax. Watch the video below.

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