About V_LAB

V_LAB is the exclusive label of Versmissen Furniture and Decoration. Located in the heart of the creative industry of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, V_LAB offers a breeding ground for national and international designers who create global furniture.

Our drive is to challenge the boundaries of craftsmanship and find the perfect combination between tradition and design. The varied V_LAB collection consists amongst others out of sofas, arm chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, cabinets, sideboards, lighting and accessories.


Our V_LAB designers get inspired by everything they see and experience during their travels around the world. An ancient bridge, graffiti art, subcultures within a metropolis, a street scene, classic icons, waste wood... It can be anything!

Within V_LAB you can see and feel the love for handicraft. All products are created with generous amounts of heart and soul by artisans. We just adore our craftsmen who transform simple contemporary designs into sophisticated pieces of furniture.



Within V_LAB extreme ideas bubble and creative initiatives become reality. Terms like ‘redesign’ and ‘recycling’ get new meaning thanks to the innovative way in which authentic manufacturing methods and original materials are handled. A V_LAB object is invariably practical, sometimes extreme but always unique, honest and of high quality.

V_LAB website

You can see the entire collection and catch the atmosphere at the website of
. All V_LAB products can also be found in Versmissen’s digital catalogue.

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If you have any questions about V_LAB in general or specific pieces of the V_LAB collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will gladly tell you more about our exclusive label!


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