Handicraft for Versmissen in Vietnam

Inspirational: Vietnam & China

Twice a year Versmissen reveals a new collection. We find lots of inspiration during our travels around the world. A brief travelogue of our latest tour.


Every time we visit Vietnam we go back home with new experiences and discoveries. We just go with the flow and walk around. Street food, colours, smells, crowded streets, friendly people and smiles... It’s always touching and inspiring.

The main purpose of this trip is to catch up with our local agent, an associate who exchanged the UK for Vietnam a while ago. As always she arranged several meetings with manufacturers, craftsmen and new contacts. Together we explore the Vietnamese quality and possibilities of new areas and products like tiles, ceramics, metal and wood.

The Hotel where we’re staying in Ho Chi Minh is gorgeous. We fully enjoy “a journey back in time, 1930s, where guests relive the romance of this bygone era while luxuriating in all comforts of the 21st century”.

Our most recent new collections emanate the same interior style as our hotel. If you want to see what we mean: check out the page Great Gatsby style.

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Our next stop is China. We come here a few times a year to visit the plants that manufacture pieces of furniture for Versmissen. We check samples, execute quality controls and approve final models that are going to be taken into production. We put a lot of effort in developing new products and discussing proportions, materials and (technical) details. Of course we also negotiate about the price. We want our clients to get the best price possible, without being careless or disrespectful to our suppliers!

We can’t give away yet what we are working on but rest assured… we will add many beautiful items to the Versmissen collection in the forthcoming year!

Versmissen Collection

How do we integrate global inspiration into pieces of furniture, lighting and decoration? Just login to see our current collection. If you don’t have an account with us yet, please register first. Enjoy the journey through our online catalogue!

Checking the samples

Images of Vietnam and China

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