Meet the designer: Jesse Nelson van den Broek

We’re sitting at one of the huge tables of Versmissen’s collection. I’m talking to Eddy Versmissen, co-owner of Versmissen Furniture and Decoration, and Dutch designer Jesse Nelson van den Broek. He is one of the designers Versmissen collaborates with.


Eddy: “There was a connection straight away when we met Jesse during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Jesse designs eyecatchers that are intimate and familiar. They are not forcibly different but feel like natural results of looking at things in a new way”.

Jesse remembers the first time he walked into Versmissen’s showroom. “It felt like paradise. I’m a collector and I have attics full of things that I brought home from my travels. Versmissen’s warehouse is packed with thousands of objects from all over the world. This inspires and triggers me greatly”.


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Jesse Nelson van den Broek


Both Jesse and Eddy love traditional craftsmanship, authentic materials and timeless beauty. Everything they create together is of excellent quality. Jesse is an expert in proportions, measurements, details and ergonomics. Eddy knows all about materials and techniques and where things can be produced best. “The combination matches perfectly”.

“We invited Jesse to come with us to Portugal to look for new workshops, professionals and factories. We found a great new partner that produces lighting at a very high level, combining traditional methods with modern technology. Jesse already had ideas and sketches for a new series of lamps: the Tubo collection (now available)”.


Jesse: “My drive is to make esthetic but comfortable and functional designs. Vermissen offers me the possibility to experiment with pure and high quality materials. Together we refine the designs and make them suitable for - amongst others - restaurants, hotels and projects”.

Eddy: “People want to feel at home, even when they are abroad. We therefore try to add a personal touch to every piece we create. The result is an eclectic, contemporary assortment of furniture and lighting for the interior industry. Within the collection you can easily mix and match”.

Tubo Collection


Tubo is a contemporary, industrial collection of lamps that scatter a beautiful diffuse light. This upgrade of the former factory lamp is extremely popular and fits into any public or private interior. Black, brass and glass with a blink to Art Deco.

Flandrine, Costes, Vendome dining chairs

Our mission: making non-revolutionary, timeless and graciously modelled dining chairs of high quality. The chairs are being produced in Portugal and upholstered with top brand fabrics from all over Europe. Every model has its own subtle details.

Gaia dining chair

As all timeless designs, Gaia is an icon that requires a classy outfit. It’s humble and grateful and the coal black or brushed golden frame washes away its austerity. The warm embrace of the cork or velvet makes one feel comfortable and protected.


Jesse was born and raised in Yaoundé (1988) Cameroon. He is now based in Amsterdam. As an industrial product designer (Zwolle), Jesse did his apprenticeship at Vos Interior. His next step was to develop and design at Linteloo Lab and VERDEN Collection. From there on Jesse started his quest for crafts and exquisite craftsmanship, thus, the beginning of the eco-luxurious interior label ‘VanDen Collection’.

Chairs Dutch Design

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