Luciano Versmissen team

Let's meet the team: Luciano

As a family run company it’s our aim to provide our clients an excellent service with a personal touch. We would not be able to achieve this without a great team. It’s time to meet them in person.


He flew over from Italy for his job application, neatly dressed in an Italian suit. Nowadays he still looks like a Casanova though he dresses less formal. During his 30 years in export jobs Luciano was on the road most of the year. Nowadays he ‘only’ goes to Paris for the Maison & Objet tradeshow where Versmissen presents her new collections twice a year.

Luciano is specialized in complicated export matters. He takes care of all necessary communication, required documents and logistics for many foreign orders. It’s his drive to help a client the best way he can. You can be sure he does a great job: people are waiting in line for him at every tradeshow!


Having a Dutch father, an Italian mother and a Spanish nanny, Luciano was raised multilingual. He became an official interpreter but was never attracted to the work that came along with it. He preferred working in the export and travelling around the world. We are still amazed by how fluently he can speak ànd switch between Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, English, German, Dutch and Flamish.

Leisure time

If Luciano is not at work he likes to race around on his favourite motorbike: a Honda CBFA. A more exceptional hobby is creating compilations of beautiful images and love songs. Preferably about getting abandoned, struggles in life, jealousy and other dramatic emotions (he's Italian of course). With 10 million views he's very popular on YouTube. We love him too and are glad he’s part of our team!

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