Great Gatsby interior style

Great Gatsby style

The glamorous decade of the 1920s was the heyday of interior designers, then a new profession. The current resurgence is all about elevated luxury in the most comfortable sense. About the finest materials and contrasting textures, colours and fabrics.

Within Versmissen’s broad, eclectic collection of furniture, lighting and decorative items we offer many different interior styles. Including Great Gatsby, or as you prefer, Art deco, Modernism or Revivalism. Login to see the entire collection. If you don’t have access yet, please register first.

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The Beekman

The Beekman in New York perfectly represents the Great Gatsby style. The historic and iconic building from 1881 has been transformed into an impressive hotel with 287 rooms. Design Studio Martin Brudnizki has given life back to a building that has witnessed so much over the years.

The interior is absolutely gorgeous. The common areas are decked out in contrasting textures and fabrics of mohair velvet, dark wood and brass. In the evening, soft lighting evokes warmth, while the use of bespoke furniture throughout creates a lived-in feel. Each guestroom is decorated with ornamental light fixtures, wide floorboards and richly coloured carpets.

Versmissen's interpretation

Bronze, black, brass, gold, high quality velvet and leather. Deep colour palettes and distinctive patterns. That’s how the Great Gatsby style reveals itself into our extended product range. Matching kitsch lamps and colourful carpets are available too of course!

Let’s introduce you too some specific items you can see in the pictures:

Pontes lighting

Pontes is a contemporary, industrial collection of full brass lighting fixtures. They scatter a beautiful light, literally reflecting classic shadows of an earlier century.

Pigalle table

We love this all time favourite, this shred of Art Nouveau in black and gold. Pigalle is playful and stylish, classic and modern, sleek and elegant.

Ella stool

Pink, green or ruby velvet fabric with a golden edge. Ella brings a touch of elegance and vintage charm to any interior. As a side table, footstool or chair.

Metro sofa

An elegant, stylish and luxurious sofa executed in a top quality, timeless soft silky velvet fabric. The cushions provide the sofa with a sophisticated twist.

Collection Versmissen Great Gatsby

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