Nelson Figueiredo

For over 250 years already Marinha Grande is linked to the glass industry. Nelson Figueiredo (1984) was born and raised in this 'Portuguese city of Glass'. From childhood, Nelson was intrigued by the phenomenon 'glass': one of mans most impressive discoveries.

Nelson started with 'Glass Decoration & Design' in the year 2000. After that, he went to the Ceramics School where he learned traditional pottery techniques. He learned all about glass blowing at the Marinha Grande Glass School where he worked as a glass technician and teaching assistant.

In 2015 he decided it was time to start a business of his own. He built a glassblowing studio at his parent's garage and started to make Art Glass. Soon he was producing for designers, architects, artists, lighting companies and other clients.

Nelson Figueiredo is a glass artist and an entrepreneur by passion. He aims to produce the best Portuguese glass using 1000 years old glassmaking techniques adapted to create contemporary design glass objects.

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