Mathilde Liu

The French Mathilde Liu (1967) originally comes from a world of textiles and clothing. She traveled and worked between Asia and Europe for over 7 years before she moved and established her studio in China. Not only did she expand her geographic borders, she started to work with other materials besides textiles as well as porcelain, glass and furniture. Nowadays she focuses on furniture and interior design.

Ever since she was a child, factories where raw materials are being transformed into shapes and objects have fascinated her. Her passion is not only designing but above all the entire process from initial idea to a tangible product.

Mathilde prefers honest, natural and sustainable materials. She is always looking for innovation, optimum quality and perfect production. Thanks to her familiarity with the Chinese production methods she has the opportunity and freedom to experiment with new concepts.

To her, V_LAB is a partner that shares her passion for bringing innovative concepts to life. The result of mixing ideas and exchanging visions is a collection of surprising and inventive designs and products.

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