Jesse Nelson van den Broek _ Artist and

“I am a Dutch Artist and Designer. A collector of materials.
I collect and combine shapes. Meet and work together without judgements.”


This is Jesse Nelson. Born and raised in Yaoundé (1988) Cameroon and based in Amsterdam. As an industrial product designer (Zwolle), Jesse did his apprenticeship at Vos Interior. His next step was to develop and design at Linteloo Lab and Verden. From there on Jesse started his quest for crafts and exquisite craftsmanship, thus, the beginning of the eco-luxurious interior label “VanDen Collection”.

Because “Yes is more” fun, he enjoys creating a wide variety of objects, from Art, Furniture and Lighting design to bespoke pieces, or sometimes even supercar interiors and Yachts.


Jesse’s definition of quality is when a piece of furniture keeps provoking people. Now and in the future twenty years. shapes which will arouse curiosity and outstanding details which will amaze. A jewel within interior design. The joy and energy that Jesse uses while creating his pieces, can be sensed when looking at them. A quality piece of furniture has a soul. That’s why Jesse collects all raw materials and creates a unique and high quality piece. He creates prototypes, uses his sewing and his welding machine. Jesse is not afraid to get his hands dirty when converting his ideas into gorgeous pieces.

In the colabaration with V_Lab they share the love of timeless beauty, endless quality, the balance between bold and elegant, masculine and feminine.

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