Our world, our heroes

Versmissen is a Dutch interior design company that operates worldwide. We design and develop furniture, lighting and accessories. Outstanding quality and a mixture of international styles is our trademark.

Everybody loves heroes, so do we. Therefore we branded several heroes within our collection. Products that are ready to conquer the world. To make it a more cheerful and alluring place. We invite you to embrace our heroes too.


Our collection

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Savage buste, a small piece of art

Because of the rigid, block-like compostion, the functional relationships between the elements are clearly and immediately visible. Wanne have a closer look?



When a king becomes a hero

The contemporary Pontes collection scatters a beautiful light, reflecting classic shadows of an earlier century. The full brass lighting fixtures radiate luxury and exclusivity.

Inspired by the impressive Dom Louis I bridge in Porto, which was named after a Portuguese King.

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