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A selection from our mirror collection

From baroque till industrial. Versmissen’s unique mirrors are available in several sizes and shapes. Subtly decorated and suitable for any space and purpose.

  • Ballroom Mirror
    Ballroom Mirror
  • Vulcano Mirror
    Vulcano Mirror
  • Tray Mirror
    Tray Mirror
  • Dott Mirror
    Dott Mirror
  • Oil Barrel Mirror Mix
    Oil Barrel Mirror Mix
  • Shell Mirror
    Shell Mirror
  • Baroque Mirror
    Baroque Mirror
  • Baroque Mirror
    Baroque Mirror
  • Baroque Mirror
    Baroque Mirror
  • Etna Mirror
    Etna Mirror
  • Diamond Mirror
    Diamond Mirror
  • Frost Mirror
    Frost Mirror

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At a prominent place above the fireplace, in the hall or bedroom. A mirror can be the finishing touch of any interior no matter which style. Often pretty straightforward, always elegant and functional. Available in wood, gold, silver and black.

Other decoration

Besides mirrors we have hundreds of other decorative items to create a special ambience in any public or private space. Have a look at our cushions, rugs, vases, plates, bowls, trays, pottery, skulls and hides. Choose and combine whatever you like.
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