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A selection from our dining collection

Beautiful dining tables, comfortable chairs, stylish lighting, contemporary cabinets and decorative items in many different styles to furnish any dining room, restaurant, cafe or pub.

  • Nibbles Dining Table
    Nibbles Dining Table
  • Piper Large Hanging Lamp
    Piper Large Hanging Lamp
  • Nibbles Mirror M
    Nibbles Mirror M
  • Quatro Dining Table
    Quatro Dining Table
  • Jazz Hanging Lamp
    Jazz Hanging Lamp
  • Bowls Set of 3
    Bowls Set of 3
  • Elements Pendant Lamp
    Elements Pendant Lamp

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Dining tables and chairs

Versmissen’s contemporary tables are mostly handmade and available in many different sizes and shapes. We also have a large collection of modern, contemporary and vintage style dining chairs. Do you prefer sophisticated or sturdy? No matter what you choose, high quality is guaranteed.


We just love our carpenters, who make the most beautiful cabinets and book cases out of different types of wood. Our cabinets are strong and solid and breathe the warmth of nature. They are available in all kind of styles and can easily be combined with our dining tables and dining chairs.

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