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A selection from our living collection

Comfortable sofas, robust dining tables, subtle lighting, surprising storage, beautiful bookcases. Versmissen has all you need to furnish and decorate an interior.

  • Cone Coffeetable 70
    Cone Coffeetable 70
  • Highline Console Table 140
    Highline Console Table...
  • Old Books Lamp
    Old Books Lamp
  • Tulu Carpet
    Tulu Carpet
  • Bronco Stool
    Bronco Stool
  • Moore FR 2.5 Seater
    Moore FR 2.5 Seater
  • Suzani Cushion
    Suzani Cushion
  • Metro 4 Seater
    Metro 4 Seater
  • Chesterfield Sofa
    Chesterfield Sofa
  • Diamond Mirror
    Diamond Mirror
  • Bunker51 Table without Tattoo Design
    Bunker51 Table without...

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Within our living collection we offer many different furniture styles and materials. We have classic style dining tables, chairs, cabinets, lamps and chandeliers that stood the test of time. We also have contemporary sofas, coffee tables and sideboards made of natural materials such as wood, teak and leather. Modern, industrial, vintage… just pick a style and combine.


Ever since the start of the company in 1970 we have been travelling around the world to find the best and finest interior decorative items for our clients. Rugs, cushions, animal skulls and hides, vases, trays, mirrors, plates, bowls, statues and Budha figures... We have everything a stylist or interior professional needs to decorate a private room or public space.

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